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First 5K!

Happy Weekend, Readers!

I hope your holiday weekend has been filled with fun, family/friends, and food. I on the other hand have just been bumming in my house making recipe cards and doing laundry, but hey, we all celebrate in our own ways.

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving as all of you remember. It was also the day I had been waiting for all year, the 48th Annual Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot! After seeing all of the pictures of my friends and family doing this over the years I decided last Thanksgiving that this was going to be my goal for 2015. Let me remind you how much of a runner I am not before I tell you my most embarrassing public moment of the year.



In January I decided to join a Planet Fitness location since it was cheap and close to my house. I figured if I was the one paying for it then I would be more apt to go. I also determined that since I had 11 months to train, by the time Thanksgiving rolled around then I would be in tip-top shape to run those 3.1 miles.

My first day at PF was a rainy, cold Monday night. Since everyone is still into the “New Years Resolution” phase of their work outs, it could not have been busier. I find the only open treadmill in the entire building. Since I had never been there before (I enrolled online) I didn’t know where the locker rooms were or if I had to bring my own lock, etc. so I just placed my stuff next to me. The base of my treadmill was rather large so I put my huge purse on it so it would be out of people’s way, but still near me.

I had downloaded the Couch to 5k app earlier that day so I turned it on and started walking. If you’ve never used the app it basically tells you when to run and when to walk for about 30 minutes. Every week it increases the amount of time you run and decreases the amount of time you walk. You start with a five minute warm up walk and then it has you run. I think for the first day it’s something like 30 seconds of running (but don’t quote me on that).

I am 10 minutes into my first day and as I start running for the second time, unbeknownst to me, my large purse falls onto the track. I have not figured out about pacing yet so I am running 6.5 miles an hour and proceed to trip over the purse. Time basically starts to go in slow motion as my life flashes before my eyes. I manage to grab onto the bars of the treadmill and kinda catch myself with one leg, but with a track going 6.5 miles an hour, I clearly can’t stay that way for long and my leg falls out from under me. I am now being dragged by the machine and I have to make the decision to let go. I am THROWN into the treadmill behind me in this super crowded gym and I crumple to the ground. Immediately, I am hit with an incredible amount of pain in my right leg. I have several piercings and three tattoos; I’ve broken my left wrist and my tailbone before. Given this information, I was pretty sure I had broken my leg.


I slowly look up while I am still on the ground to see if anyone wants to help me. No one is making eye contact. Finally the girl who was on the machine next to me looks back and in a disgusted, annoyed high pitched voice asks if I am ok. “Yeah…. I’m fine,” I meagerly eek out. “Well I know first aid,” she replies then turns back to walking on her machine. No other offer of help is given, God forbid she stop her work out. I manage to collect myself and stand up. I determine that my leg is not broken, however it has definitely sustained some sort of damage. I get the rest of my belongings, which are now scattered all over the place from my fall. My jacket is wrapped up on one of the poles, my purse is laying sideways behind me. I hobble myself out of there as fast as my mangled leg will let me and just cry in my car. Fortunately, I don’t live that far away and am able to make it home fairly quickly.

After that incident I didn’t go to the gym again for a few months. I never went to the doctor since I try to avoid them as much as possible, but I sustained some nerve damage in my calf and now have two lovely large scars from the belt of the treadmill dragging against my legs. It is much better now, almost a year later, but once in awhile that knee will hurt for a bit. I have yet to try to get that footage from Planet Fitness, but I will reach out to see if I can’t get that clip to submit to something like #GymFails.

All of that to say, my running career took a bit of a break for awhile and then in September I realized that November was coming faster than I had anticipated. I was only on week 4 (of 8) when the Turkey Trot came, but I was determined to do as well as I could. My best friend, Becky, was also doing C25K and we had signed up together this past summer. My mom and sister also signed up and I realized later that actually a lot of people I knew had joined as well. Unfortunately, this is more like a “fun walk/run” than I had realized. People walk this race wearing corduroys and holding their Starbucks. It just became too much to try to pass all of the walkers after awhile (I heard there were 25,000 people there) so Becky and I just decided to walk the last part. We still managed to get quite a bit of exercise on a day that is solely dedicated to food, which to me is a major win.


There is also an 8 mile run course for the Turkey Trot that, as you can guess, is much less crowded. That has made it to our running goals list as well as doing a smaller, more race-centric 5k in the coming months. That means I will still have some attainable fitness goals to be working towards instead of just mindlessly running for no reason. I have heard many times that you are more likely to reach a goal if you write it down.


Even though I didn’t full out run the Turkey Trot then way I had imagined, I still set a goal and accomplished it. I finished the race, I put work into making the goal attainable in the months before the race, and I did it with people that I love. What could be better than that ? 🙂


Happy Reading!



Mexican Cooking Class

I am doing so well at blogging! Three posts in one week?? Who am I?


My dad’s birthday is next week and he is always super hard to buy for. I generally stick to the same few things: wine, food, cigars. It’s also hard having a birthday so close to Thanksgiving AND Christmas. However, I keep hearing about the novel idea of giving “experiences” instead of physical gifts for presents. I really like this idea so I ran with it for Marc’s birthday. He loves cooking and used to work in his dad’s pizza joint back in the day; what better gift than a cooking class? I wanted to pick something that we don’t make often, but I knew he would like. I almost chose a sushi class, but the times weren’t good so Mexican it was! We never make traditional enchiladas at home (honestly I thought I signed up for a tamale class until I got there and found out it was enchiladas).


I signed us up for one at Central Market in Southlake, Texas. Central Market, if you don’t already know, is my FAVORITE high-end grocery store. It is owned by HEB, which is another chain of grocery stores here in Texas. CM has literally everything under the sun stocked all of the time. Frog legs? Got ’em. That hard to find wine you drank that one time? They’ve got your back. It’s amazinggggg

I have been dying to take a cooking class, especially from CM for a long time and this was just the push I needed to sign us up. Marc is such a ham (I get it from him). He had made friends with the whole class by the end of the night and everyone sang him Happy Birthday. He also micro-managed the other wanna-be-chefs. He was showing people how to chop and turn off the stove aka doing the most.


Our instructors were awesome. They were super nice and knowledgeable about everything in the kitchen. They were the ones who created the recipes and they made us nice little booklets with all of our recipes and a few others to take home with us.


We ended up making three types of enchiladas: chicken, brisket, and shrimp. I think the brisket ended up being my favorite, but they were all delicious. Our instructors also made borracho beans and rice beforehand so we got to nibble on those with our chips and salsa too. We also got two pours of wine and I discovered a chardonnay that I liked! Usually they are too oak-y, but this one was totally different. It’s called Butternut and it is made in Napa, CA.



The class lasted about 2 hours and was very interactive. About half of our class was from a local finance firm and they were doing a team building outing so they were very talkative, but they were open to talking to more people than just their group, which made it that much more fun. I will definitely be back.


Disclosure: I was not compensated for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I hope I’ve inspired you all to try something new (like a cooking class) in the next few weeks!

Happy Reading!



Iowa Adventure

Hello…. it’s me….. 😉

Sorry, forgot I wasn’t Grammy award winning singer Adele for a second there.

So let me tell you about a wonderful place that you probably never considered visiting….



I feel like I were to settle down with a nice farmer and raise a slew of children, I would be very happy in Des Moines. There is still a J. Crew in the area and a Trader Joe’s so I would be ok. There is NO traffic, which is almost reason enough for me to move. I did not set up an account on this trip, but who knows what the future holds. 😉



Let’s be serious, I will probably never marry a farmer, but Des Moines does show promise as an up-and-coming town. It is probably the smallest capital that I have ever been in, but there are tons of cool little shops and restaurants in the downtown area closest to the capital building. The capital building also has the top covered in GOLD. It is rather impressive. It has been dubbed “the new Portland”. Everything in the city is super easy to get to and it’s not quite as spread out the way Dallas is.

You might be thinking: “Savannah, you’re just soooo sophisticated. How did you end up in IOWA??” (just kidding, no one says that to me) Well let me tell ya, there are two very special people in my life, Nathan and Elly, who have been asking me for months to come visit them.


I was hesitant at first, but decided to throw caution (and some airline miles) to the wind and take a trip to Des Moines. I went to high school with Nathan and then he met Elly in college. They got married a few years ago and I still remember their wedding as one of my favorites. Elly and I share a love for Star Wars and all things geeky so of course we always have a good time whenever we get together.

Things we did:

  • Visited downtown especially this awesome store called Raygun. If you’re from Dallas, it is similar to Bullzerk on Greenville. Of course I had to buy some souvenirs/Christmas presents
  • Visited the Drake University Campus where the Democratic Debate was happening.


  • Took a picture with the Drake University bulldog, Spike


  • Went to the infamous Zombie Burger (kinda like Hopdoddy)





  • Went running twice (!) and on some walks
  • Went shopping with Nathan for Elly’s Christmas present. I do this every year 😉 I’m a pro!
  • Went to an Apple Orchard! I felt like it was really fall at that point.





  • Ate Qudoba and Noodles and Co twice… each…. maybe in the same day sometimes…


  • Made tacos and cookies and lotssss of coffee
  • Watched lots of movies and Arrested Development
  • Went to The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall (then saw a huge fire!!)


Generally just had a great time being with friends. I am very much a people person and I do better the more I am around people. When living alone and kinda far from even surrounding friends my mood tends to get more introverted and I don’t like that so it was great to be with two of my best friends literally almost the entire time I was there. They both have fairly flexible jobs, which was very conducive to having a guest. They have the cutest little cat named Nelly (their celebrity mash-up name) who was totally cool with snuggling with me on the couch.


Now it is Tuesday evening and I am back to reality, wishing I was sitting on Nathan and Elly’s couch watching Tobias paint himself blue in the hopes of becoming famous. *sigh*.

Until next time, 


Dallas Personal


Wooo it’s been crazy around here! Some things I can’t really talk about in this space, which is fine since I have a great support system who don’t mind hearing about the crazier aspects of my life. Just know, I’ll post some crazy stuff on here, but there is even more that you will never know about…. 🙂

Here are the things I CAN talk about:


My lovely friend, Danielle and her boyfriend, Blake, hosted an early November Thanksgiving for the friends in Blake’s Uptown Apartment. His apartment building has this super awesome hangout space that you can reserve for functions such as these. Danielle spent all day decorating and getting everything ready for us and it was very much appreciated.



Everyone else brought either a side dish or a dessert (plus a bottle of wine or two) and Danielle took care of the turkey. I made Mac and Cheese, which almost didn’t happy when I forgot the noodles…. my other friend Brian came through in the clutch with some extra noodles and saved the day.


His wife, Melissa, made Purple Potatoes! Apparently, they have a lot of the same health benefits that Sweet Potatoes have, but taste like normal white potatoes. She added some rosemary to them and they were awesomeeeeeee.


Rachelle made Carmel Cupcakes and brought a Chicken (we don’t like turkey) and Blaire brought a Flourless Chocolate Cake. There were tons of other dishes, such as Melissa’s French Silk Pie with Amoretto whipped cream, alas I started drinking and stopped remembering to take pictures of these things… oops!



It was the most fun I had had in a long time and I was coming off of one of my roughest weeks this year so the dinner was much needed. We all just laughed and generally had an awesome time. I cannot thank Danielle enough for putting together this wonderful evening and inviting me as well.



I ended up spending the night (per usual) and then hanging out with Brian and Melissa all day. This happens probably once a month. We get brunch, I help them do random errands, and we watch movies. This time we decided to go to Henry’s Majestic near Blake’s apartment in Uptown. Brian got this awesome looking burger, Scott (Melissa’s brother and fellow party-goer) got Sausage Biscuits and Gravy, and Melissa and I both got this redone southwestern style Eggs Benedict. The restaurant also offers a Mimosa bar with lots of different types of juices and add-ins to make it your own. I wasn’t really feeling up to the task of day drinking quite yet, but I did try Melissa’s concoction and it was delicious.





We went back to their apartment for a much needed nap and then we did errands and watched Inside Out. By the way, if you have never seen Inside Out get ready for ALL THE FEELS. I’m surprised I didn’t cry more. Side note: I never used to cry in movies (or at all). PCOS and thyroid issues will make you an emotional wreck when you have had no prior experience with ya know, emotions.

All in all, a great weekend with great people. What could be better?


Happy Reading!




Favorite Quotes

Happy Hump Day!

Usually during this part of the week you might start to feel a little run-down.

Here are some of my favorite quotes to help you get through the rest of the week.


cs lewis







Happy Reading!




The Bucket List

The Bucket List

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, a Bucket List is basically one of those “life-goal” lists of things you would like to do before you die. I have been a lot of places. I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and been through a lot.

Let me also take a moment to remind everyone that the term “a lot” is two words, not one. Please never put “alot”. To give you a visual, please read this hilarious post from Hyperbole and a Half. She is a grammar Nazi the way I am and this just gives you a hilarious idea of what she thinks when she sees “alot” written. Please also read the rest of her posts. I have literally cried laughing while reading some of her posts. Do yourself and your mood a favor and give it a read. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I digress….


  • Do NYE in NYC
  • Travel the world  (deserves it’s own list)
  • Girls’ Trip Cruise
  • Pay off my house
  • Buy my dream car
  • Have a herd of French Bulldogs (Karma is their queen)
  • Lose the rest of my weight
  • Reach my work goals
  • Earn my MBA
  • Pass my Series 7 financial license test
  • Be on SNL
  • Do stand-up comedy
  • Build my dream house with rooms for all of my friends
  • Have a vacation house
  • Live in another country at least for a little while

Clearly this is a running list. The travel portion is extensive and deserves a post all it’s own. This will probably get an update at a future date.

What are some of your bucket list items? Leave comments below 🙂

Happy Reading!