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Free DryBar!

Happy New Year, Gentle Readers!

You read my title right… I was the recipient of *free* Dry Bar!

What is Dry Bar you ask and how did I get this wonderful treatment free? Well let me tell ya….

Dry Bar is a special new type of salon that only does washes and blow outs. “No cuts. No color. Just blowouts” is their motto. I’ve been going for several years now ever since they came to Dallas. My usual spot is the one conveniently placed in North Park. However, a brand new location just opened in Grapevine (fairly close to my work)!

I had tried to get a walk-in appointment at the Plano location a few weeks ago on a whim, but they couldn’t get me right away so I vowed to return again soon. Fortunately, the very next morning I awoke to an email from DryBar telling me about this new promotion ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” was hosting: FREE BLOW OUTS! Of course the site crashed and the app wasn’t working to make a booking, but never fear,  as a former call center employee I am not afraid of calling the help number. After being on hold for a little bit I managed to get two appointments, one for me and one for Tara, at the Grapevine location for that Tuesday. Saving $40 and not having to do my own hair for a few days? Heck yesssss.


The salon is right off 114 next to Jimmy John’s, Uncle Julio’s, and In-N-Out burger. It is, in my opinion, a little bit nicer and bigger than the one in NorthPark. The location in Plano is much smaller compared to this one. We got there a little bit early, which ended up working out really well. Apparently a lot of people ended up canceling their appointments so they were able to see us right away!


My stylist was AWESOME. He is probably one of the best ones I had ever had at Dry Bar. He normally works at the Highland Park location and had some wonderful stories about all of the ultra-wealthy of Dallas. Apparently some lady who makes hair extensions frequents that location, gets drunk off of the free wine, and “makes it rain” dollar bills while she is standing on the counter. I need to witness this at some point in the near future.

dry bar style

Tara hardly ever gets her hair done for fear of the blow dryer making her hair even bigger than it normally is. The skillful hands of her Dry Bar-ista (not sure that’s a correct term, but I’m running with it) her hair looked like a cotton-candy daydream. I think she is now a believer in the Bar. See for yourself!

tara front

tara back

After we got our blow outs we treated ourselves to some yummy sushi at Sushi Sam in Southlake. My salmon sashimi was divine 🙂 The powerball was coming up for 1.4 billion and we have both never bought lottery tickets before so of course we needed to make a pit stop at the gas station. We met some interesting characters also buying tickets.


And that is the story about how I got Dry Bar for free 🙂 This is not a sponsored post and anyone who made an appointment that day also received the same treatment. I was not compensated, I just love Dry Bar.

savannah front

Happy Reading!


Dallas Personal

Dallas Holiday Adventures

Hello Readers!

I know I’ve already posted about the end of the year, but I had a few more things to add before we close the book on 2015.

tara juice

My sister, Tara, is home from school. She goes to Liberty University where I also graduated from, but is transferring to TWU. She is a yoga teaching vegan who is studying to be a dietician. She is also becoming a Doula in her spare time. We enjoy exploring all that Dallas has to offer and sometimes our mom comes along for the ride.

The other day mom and I got pedicures (Tara opted out) and then decided to hit up Dallas for some tacos and thrifting.

I had to take them to one of my all-time favorite places right outside of Uptown called Velvet Taco. No matter what time of day I go it is always bustling with people. They have a wall of options and then every week they have a new taco to try. My favorites are the Tikka Masala Chicken tacos and the Fried Oyster tacos, but all of the other ones I have tried I enjoyed. If you wanna grab a side they also have these awesome potatoes, tater tots with an egg on top, or mexican street-style corn. They are famous for their Red Velvet Cake (which I have yet to try). They also have Margaritas and a nice beer selection. I highly recommend you go try them out, but be forwarned that there might be a wait. My favorite/worst time to go is right before all of the bars close (2am). Its super packed, but that is exactly when you need a taco. Since you’re in Uptown, Taco Bell or Taco Bueno is just not going to cut it. I’ve yet to try Fuel City Tacos, but I’ve heard they are also hard to beat. Those will just have to wait for a future post.


During our outing we also ventured to…..

The Gypsy Wagon: an awesome store right down the street from Velvet Taco

Dolly Python: The best oddities/vintage/antique shop in Dallas! (I’m sure there will be more posts on this)


Of course I also have to mention that the moment I have been waiting for for like 10 years finally happend!!! STAR WARSSSSS!!!


My friends bought a group of tickets so on December 18th at 10:30pm in NorthPark Center AMC, I got to witness the newest Star Wars film to grace our presence. It was magical. I’m going to have to go see it again just to be able to appreciate the greatest that is Star Wars + Disney + JJ Abrams.


Since this is a new year and the holidays are over I have gone back on my diet (which will be discussed in another post) so to celebrate my last meal I had to go to one of my favorite sandwich shops! I took Tara on a jaunt to IKEA and then, since we were so close to Plano, we went ahead to East Hampton Sandwich Co.  They have tons of east coast inspired yummyness. Head on over to the site and check out the menu and the locations. I got the Crab Avo Club this time, but the Lobster Roll or Fried Chicken Jack are also big winners in my book. Bring some friends and get a pitcher of the Sangria (or go alone and drink the whole thing by yourself). It’s right next to the Dry Bar so make an afternoon of it!


Go see my next post about the wonders of Dry Bar 🙂

Happy Reading!


Dallas Personal

2015 Recap

Happy New Year, Readers! 

I hope your 2015 was amazing and everything you wanted it to be.


Here is a recap of a few exciting things that happened in 2015:

  • Went to IrelandIowa, San Francisco, and Austin
  • Bridesmaid in Lauren’s wedding in May
  • Took two cooking classes
  • Saw several of my friends get engaged
  • Created new friendships, let some old ones go
  • Ran a 5k
  • Lost 30 pounds
  • Explored more of Dallas, Denton, and Ft. Worth (plus surrounding areas)
  • Started this blog!
  • Had some professional victories
  • Saw Maroon 5 in concert
  • Celebrated Galentine’s!
  • Went to a Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Celebrated many friend’s birthdays as well as my 24th birthday

There were so many highs and lows to this year, but I can definitely say I learned a TON and hopefully will be taking some new habits into 2016.

Some goals for 2016:

  • Run another 5k (and potentially a half marathon)
  • Lose 50 more pounds
  • Pay off my couch and eliminate unnecessary spending
  • Spend more time with my dog and my friends
  • Focus more on my blog and professional goals
  • Travel to Ireland and Italy, hopefully Virginia and Colorado, potentially some other places
  • Celebrate my 25th Birthday!
  • Get back into reading at least one book a month
  • Start the MBA process
  • Take better care of my skin {even though that might mean no more tanning ;(}
  • Cook more (since I got new pots and pans for Hanukkah!)

I am sure there are other things that I would like to accomplish for 2016, but honestly I think this list will cover the whole year and then some. I am already trying to figure out how to prioritize my life for these next 12 months.

Holiday Recap

I had a great Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. There was so much going on in such a short time frame, so sorry for the lack of updates (because I know everyone cares so much lol). I blogged a little bit about Hanukkah already so I won’t bother your with more of that.

Christmas went well. My sister came back to town and will be here for a whole month so we’ve been hanging out. She made me these really cute little embroideries for my travel wall in my house so my best friend came over and helped me hang them along with some other house stuff. I will have to post a house tour on here in a few weeks when I FINALLY finish my Travel Wall in my living room/dining room. I’ve only lived there for almost a year and a half….. no big deal. 😉 We went to my Grandma’s house and I hung out with my little second cousin, Liesel. She is seriously the cutest/happiest baby ever. I’m in love.


We have so many people in such a small house so my sister ended up getting the special chair in the Annexed part of the house next to an extra table.


We were tired of having the same food for Thanksgiving and then just a few weeks later for Christmas so we decided to add some Mexican flair since a good portion of my family is Hispanic.


For New Year’s Eve I was supposed to go out in Uptown with some of my friends. Unfortunately I got kinda sick the day before and it has lasted several days. So last night I ended up just going down the street to Julia’s house and playing games with her, her family, and some significant others, which was exactly what I needed. We had a really great time and I got to see some of her siblings that I don’t normally see. This morning my dad made New Year’s Day brunch since I decided to spend the night.


Karma and I tried to get it together in time to make a Christmas card this year, but it’s going to end up being more like a New Year’s card (if I even hand them out) (probably not, let’s be honest).

We both wish all of you happiness for the New Year! Let’s make 2016 the best yet!