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November 2017


Rollin’ on the River

Now that I finally have my suuuuuuper long Israel post out of the way (BLESS YOU if you read that entire thing!) I can focus on the rest of my summer and fall 🙂

My friends and I have been meaning for years to do a float trip and we finally convinced our other friend Ben to plan it! A date was decided months prior, Ben made the accommodation arrangements, and we brought the sunscreen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of floating: you basically find a suitable river, sit in an inner-tube, float to a (hopefully) designated spot, and basically just relax for a few hours with some cold drinks, your friends, and some good music if anyone decides to bring a waterproof speaker. There are tons of places across America where you can do this, but it’s super popular in Texas, especially on the Brazos River.

We all met up on a Friday afternoon, caravanned down to New Braunfels, Texas, and basically had a super chill, fun-filled weekend. We hung out and drank Friday night when we got there. Slept in, got a few hours on the river, and went home the next day. We also visited Gruene (grounded Green), Texas where they have tons of puns, cute shops, and tasty food. Gruene Hall is one of the oldest country music venues in Texas so we obviously had to visit for a photo op.

Happy Reading!