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February 2018


February Frenzy

Happy February!

Hope you all are sticking to your goals, manifesting your destinies, and living your best lives.

Some updates in my life:

I found out that our group trip this year is….. ICELAND! I’ve always wanted to go see The Northern Lights and The Blue Lagoon. We are going in September, which from my research, is one of the best months to go. It won’t be freezing cold, it’s apparently one of the best months to see the Lights, and you can still see the summer sights since the snow won’t be there yet.

I am heading to Florida in April for a wedding for one of my friends from college. It’s going to be great seeing all of my college friends since none of us live near each other anymore andddd two of them have a baby! It’ll be a nice little beach vacay right before my birthday so I’m pumped.

I’m still planning to hit up Ireland at the end of September for a wedding. I’m hoping to add some other destinations in Europe to that trip prior to the wedding, but I’m still ironing out the details.

I have doing great on Paleo. Tomorrow is the beginning of Week 6 and I can really see myself doing this longterm. I’ve been trying new foods, cooking more, and saving money. I haven’t been going out as much, drinking much less, and generally just feeling better.

I tried this online grocery store that you may have seen ads for called, Thrive Market. The items were great, their customer service not quite as great. I received an item that was damaged during shipping and naturally reached out for a replacement. Normal standard operating procedure. They gave me some grief, I gave some feedback, and I ended up with a new item and a $10 credit. Thank you very much

Places I’ve been dreaming about lately: 

  • Morocco
  • Scotland
  • Paris
  • Nice
  • Belgium
  • Montreal
  • Myanmar
  • Istanbul

Other than that I’ve just been working a lot and doing stuff around my house. I’ve been trying to go to yoga several times a week, but the days I work late it is difficult to get home in time for a class. I’m hoping that my schedule lightens up soon in the next few weeks and I can really get more into my practice. Doing yoga at home in my freezing townhouse is just not the same as getting to go to a real class.

That’s all for now