Wannabe Heiress

I’ve decided that I was made for hotel life.

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The Conrad Hilton is meant to be my home for the next four weeks, but I’ve decided that it should be a permanent move. I’m never leaving. Yes, please do call me a cab for in the morning. Yes, I will take an apple. Thank you for opening the door and cleaning my room for me. I hate doing laundry so yes, I will take some fresh towels.



Ahhh, to be Paris Hilton…. Can I be Dublin Hilton? That has a nice ring to it. 😉

To recap my last few days, I got to the hotel and was immediately overwhelmed with how nice it was (clearly since I have now claimed it as my own). I took a nap for most of the day and then my coworker, Gabe, came to get me and we went to dinner.

The next day I started work and was given a small tour of both of our sites in Citywest Business Park. They are very nice and have an awesome coffee machine. How people aren’t fighting each other to be first in line, I have no idea. I met my team that I am training and they are all very lovely. They have taught me a bunch of new words that I will be fitting into everyday conversation as well as many interesting facts about Ireland. Did you know that Irish schoolchildren take Irish the way that US children take Spanish? I had no idea! BTW, Citywest has a swan crossing!

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My team decided to take me to an “American” type restaurant today called Eddy Rockets. It is very similar to Steak and Shake or Johnny Rockets back in the States. My burger had a hashbrown in it which I thought was a very clever addition and it should now become a staple.

My mother and I have been having some wonderful meals the past few days (and maybe one unfortunately one). Everyone here could not be friendlier. Irish people love Americans and I love them. All of my cab drivers have been very chatty and love to give me advice on things to see and do around the city.

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Tomorrow mom and I are going on a 13 hour tour to see Northern Ireland which will include Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, and a robe bridge. We are hoping to make a stop to see the Titanic museum and a castle where they are filming Game of Thrones!

On Sunday we are going to see the 20th Anniversary of Riverdance! Everyone has highly recommended it so we got really good seats and are going to dress up 🙂 I am very excited to be seeing this in Dublin.

I will add another post later. It is 9:11 on a Friday night and I am totally exhausted. My tour tomorrow starts at 7am so I’m going to get some sleep.

See ya later!


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