Weekend #2 in Ireland: Staying in Dublin

Greetings, Friends!

For my second weekend in Ireland, I wanted to take it much slower. I was getting really run down from the jet lag, the constant sight-seeing, and work throughout the week.  My mother left the Wednesday before so I was determined to get out and do things on my own, just at a slower pace.

I met some friends for drinks on Friday, kept it pretty chill. Met the founder of this new food app for Dublin called Mizu. I mentioned that I am writing this blog/love to eat and two seconds later I am now a contributor for his blog! Check me out on!  Hopefully in the future it will be in more cities and I will able to contribute from abroad, but for right now it is testing in Dublin.

Saturday morning I went for Brunch at Balfe’s off Grafton Street in the Westbury Hotel. I am considering staying here next time. The lobby is AMAZING and I found out that a lot of celebrities stay here when in Dublin. Obviously, so should I. Hopefully I will be back in the next few months and I can try this one out for myself 🙂

I wanted to get some shopping in whilst in Ireland. I had already collected a few souvenirs, but wanted some new clothes as well. I don’t know if I was being super picky or what that day, but I was not loving everything I found. I ended the day with three new shirts, but I was hoping for some more items.

I managed to see the Dublin Rugby team leaving the Sheldon (another hotel I would like to try), which is where they stay the night before a big match. There was a huge crowd forming and an official bagpipe player to get the team pumped before getting on the bus to the game.


Ireland has extremely high taxes, but has always had free water. Not too long ago, the country has decided to start charging for water. This is a HUGE deal since the taxes have been steadily increasing in order to get the country back on track after the recession a few years ago. I happened to walk by part of the route where the protest was happening. There were so many people here! The Irish aren’t violent, but they are passionate and this is an extremely important decision for the country.


My friends wanted to go out during the week so we tried a tapas place called Fade Street Social. There were some very interesting things on the menu. I ended up getting basically these fried cheese balls, duck, and beef carpaccio. All very tasty. I also went to a drag show at this club called The George. I felt like Ru Paul was about to tell me some sassy quote while pulling off a dress that I could never wear outside of Vegas. It was hilarious and a lot of fun 🙂

As I may have mentioned before, it rains A LOT here. I managed to snap this little gem on the way out of work the other day. I wanted to make so many jokes about finding the pot of gold.

rainbow at fidelity

I also tried this AMAZING Indian place that stays open forever aka 5 AM. It was really affordable and close to my hotel. I wish I could eat here every day.

indian food

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. The food blog has taken center stage due to my limited time here and of course I am actually here to work so that is the main priority. I will try to post a little more this week since it’s my fourth and final week in Dublin. #sadday

Happy Reading!


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