Weekend #3 in Ireland: Western Ireland


Greetings, Gentle Readers!

Hopefully you are reading this while I am en route to Philadelphia from Dublin on my way back to Dallas. The return flight post will be written within the next few days. Prepare yourselves to read yet another flight fiasco, albeit hopefully a less intense read for the departure than the arrival. While I have battery for my laptop, free wifi, and nothing but time to kill, let’s chat about my third weekend in Ireland. Technically, this post was my final weekend on the island since I am traveling the next Saturday, September 12, 2015.

I left Dublin early on Saturday morning for The Cliffs of Moher on the western side of Ireland. The entire country isn’t very large and only has 6 million people, so it only took a few hours to reach my destination. I’m not sure if I am missing something, but I thought Giant’s Causeway was much better. I kinda wish I had done the Cliffs first and then Giant’s Causeway, but either way they were both great. I also visited O’Brien Tower while I was at the Cliffs. You already pay to get into the park and then you pay another 2 euro to go into the tower. Why not?

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Another reason to for me to visit Galway is that NO ONE WAS THERE the weekend I decided to go! Normally it is a really fun, party town according to everyone I talked to. However, there was a large sports match between Galway and Dublin that day so everyone was in Dublin. I missed that memo, so my weekend was rather uneventful. I just used it to relax in my hotel away from everything else. I also tried black pudding and white pudding (picture below), which, contrary to popular beliefs, are 1. not pudding and 2. not disgusting! It’s kinda weird to basically have oatmeal mixed into your sausage, but when in Rome…

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On Sunday I started to head back to Dublin. I got to stop in some small towns like Nenah and Moneygall, which is famous for having the Barack Obama Plaza, aka this gas station named after Obama whose ancestors are apparently from Moneygall. Random, right? Of course I had to go 😉 His face is everywhere in the “petrol” station and apparently he also had a pint in one of the pubs in town. You can stand exactly where he stood and also drink a pint too if you would like for a photo opp. The entire tiny town has American flags everywhere and has really capitalized on this.

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I will add my post about my return back to Dallas in the next few days. I have a month’s worth of laundry to do and a month’s worth of puppy cuddles to fit into the next few days.



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