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So now that Ireland is over you may be wondering, “ummm what else does Savvy do with her time“? Well I am glad you hypothetically asked! You see, while I might not be globe-trotting every other week, I do like to maintain a healthy social calendar. My friends live all over the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area so at any given time I could be anywhere within an hour or two from my house. I live in a small college town about 45 minutes north of Dallas called Denton. We lovingly refer to Denton as “Little D” since Dallas is “Big D”. Denton is a smaller community mainly filled with college students, foodies, artists, and small business owners. While Denton is a ways away for me from work, friends, etc.. It is still a wonderful place to call home and I have enjoyed being a full-time resident this past year (part-time resident before).

All of that to say you will be seeing more about my day-to-day life until my next trip (hopefully two within the next month!). Earlier this past week, I was invited by some friends to a monthly wine-walk held in the Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum. When I was in high school, this was not an area you wandered at night alone. There were lots of clubs/bars/music venues and various seedy characters. Within the past few years though the area has really been cleaned up thanks to a healthy arts scene and a rekindled passion for community. There are tons of really great places to eat as well as lots of local shops and even a cheese factory!

Once a month there is a Wine Walk where you pay $10, get a little glass that you get to keep, and walk around to a bunch of different shops to get wine! Such a great deal, right? There is nothing I love more than a good deal, ask anyone! My friends had invited me to go several times before and for various reasons I could not attend. I was determined to make it at least once before the “summer” was over and Thursday was that day! There was a ton of parking right by where you start in front of an art gallery and we got there a little early to meet the group before starting at the first shop. The people in charge give you your glass and a handy little map/passport to guide you along the way. It ends at 8pm, but if you’re lucky then people try to get rid of most of their wine by then and you may end up with a full glass 😉 At the end of the walk, you bring back your passport with your name written on it and they draw for a prize. Sadly, I did not win this time around, but hey, I’ve got a good feeling about next month.

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I had a great time with my friends discovering more of this neighborhood that I sadly do not frequent enough. I had fun finding all of these new (to me) little shops that I never knew existed. When my sister comes home for the holidays from college I am totally going to bring her back to check them out.


After the Wine Walk, we need some food before making our various drives home. We hit up Brain Dead in Deep Ellum, which has a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and the like. My friend also told me that they do an awesome brunch on the weekends (I may need to hit that up, you know, for research purposes). I got the Poblano Burger and it was awesomeeee. It came with sweet potato chips, but I am pretty sure you can substitute fries if you’re into that. The restaurant is also a brewery so everyone also got beer, but I am a wino so clearly I had already gotten my fix.


They also give you your receipt in an old children’s book. I may or may not have left a little note in the book as well… everyone else did it first so I was not the only troublemaker!


I am planning to attend the October Wine Walk and you should too! Give me a shoutout in the comments if you’re planning to attend (or just creep on me there).

Happy Reading!


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    I made the blog!! This was such a fun night!!

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